Clinical Services

The most important clinic services:

  • Individual appointment with guaranteed planning security
  • General medical care (complete spectrum) and emergency/rescue medicine
  • Psychosomatic basic healthcare
  • Health care and cancer prevention
  • Organization of further measures (e.g. so-called `specialist doctor´ search and appointment coordination)
  • Home visits for medical needs
  • Pre and post hospital (in-patient care) services

…. If you are looking for a family GP with long experience executing clear methods for straight diagnostics and adequate therapy this is your hub to contact … If you are looking for `Sister Alice ´ in medical wonderland it is not …  (…because no one likes to waste time in the waiting area … )  🙂

Should you have any questions, please contact:

The “DSGVO” based on German legal policies applies

Dr  Juergen  H R  Burrasch, MD
1st Market Street | 67686  Mackenbach
+49 6374 – 80 50 80 |